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Special Education

The Kuna School District provides special education services through the following programs located within our schools:

  • Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) provides services to children 3-5 years old, who qualify for special education services. The program goals, curriculum and materials are developmentally appropriate and geared to the differing ability levels of each child. We provide children attending the ECSE classroom a high-quality program, and a safe and nurturing environment. This program promotes and integrates the cognitive, communication, physical, social, emotional, and self-help areas of development through classroom activities. The ECSE program is located at Hubbard Elementary.
  • Resource Room: Students with a variety of disabilities in grades K-12 receive special education services allowing them access to the general education curriculum. Students may come to the resource room from their general education classroom for this instruction and/or may receive support in their general education classroom. Resource Room Programs are available at all KSD schools.
  • Extended Resource Room: The Extended Resource Room is a more specialized placement than the traditional Resource Room and offers specialized instruction in academic and functional behavioral support for students requiring a higher level of support. Extended Resource Room programs are located at Silver Trail Elementary, Reed Elementary, Kuna Middle School, Fremont Middle School, and Kuna High School.
  • Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC): TLC offers academic, emotional and behavioral support to students within a highly structured and closely supervised environment. TLC students are placed in the general education classroom with the general education teacher to the greatest extent possible. In this setting, students are supported by paraprofessional/CBRS support who will redirect or intervene when necessary. The goal of the TLC program is to keep students in the least restrictive learning environment so each student can develop academic skills and interpersonal skills which align with their grade level peers. TLC programs are located at Crimson Point Elementary, Kuna Middle School, and Kuna High School.  
  • Explore (18-21 program): KSD’s Explore Program helps students prepare for life as an adult. Curriculum and activities include academics, community and pre-vocational exploration with an emphasis placed on developing levels of independence for daily living. The Explore program is located at Swan Falls High School.


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