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English Language Learner (ELL) Support

The vision of the Kuna School District English Language Learner (ELL) program is to help English learners experience success in the classroom and community. Our program goal is to develop skills in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing in a safe supportive learning environment. We focus on collaboration with classroom teachers to promote engagement of ELL students and in learning and we work to help ELL students graduate with a plan for their future by helping them transition into post-secondary opportunities.




Who qualifies as an English Language Learner (ELL)?

An English Language Learner is a student in grades K-12 that is currently learning English to be successful in school.

Students who have a language besides English spoken in the home are evaluated to see if they need additional English language support to be successful in school.

ELL students are identified by the Home Language Survey which is completed by all parents when new students are enrolled.

KSD provides ELL services to students in all grades at all buildings, with full-time EL teachers at Reed Elementary School, Kuna Middle School, and Kuna High School.


What services are offered for ELL students?

Student's academic needs are assessed to identify what level of support they need. Students fall into one of four tiers of support:

Tier 1 - All students: Rigorous and effective differentiated instruction provided to all.

Tier 2 - Some students: Strategically targeted/focused interventions provided to students needing additional support.

Tier 3 - Few students: Intensive individualized interventions provided for specific individual needs.

Tier 4 - Very few students: Maximum supports provided to respond to individual needs.

The following EL services offered by tier could be any combination of the following services:

Tier 1

  • Dual Language
  • Monitoring

Tier 2

  • Co-Teaching
  • Dual Language
  • Small Pull-out Groups

Tier 3

  • Co-Teaching
  • Small Pull-out Groups
  • English Language Development Class
  • Dual Language

Tier 4

  • Educational Learning Plan
  • Newcomer Class
  • Small Pull-out Groups


Which tests will an ELL student take?


WIDA Kindergarten Screen and WIDA Online Screener.

The purpose of this accessment is to help educators make decisions (according to state eligibiity criteria) about whether a student is a candidates for English language support services. Students typically take the WIDA Screener online. A paper version is available for students who need it.



This is a state test ELL students take in February. There are four parts to the test: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Other tests

Most ELL students also will take all state tests and those from their teacher(s). ELL students in grade 3-8 and grades 10-11 who are first-year students are exempt from the ISAT English Language Arts test.


Is there more information about the tests?

What is WIDA-ACCESS in: English Spanish

Parent Guide to understanding WIDA-ACCESS score reports in: English. Spanish, Russian, Chinese,

Parent Guide to understanding Alternate WIDA-ACCESS score reports in: English, Spanish


How does an ELL student exit or screen out from an ELL program?

The criteria to exit depends on the grade level of the student. More information is detailed in this document from the Idaho State Department of Education.