Parent Information CPTO

What is the CPTO? Community Parent & Teacher Organization

When do they meet? After school in the KMS library approximately every other month.

Who can I contact to get involved? Paul Souza

What is the focus of the CPTO?

* To help with communication between the school and parents
* To support a respectful school environment
* To promote the talents and success of KMS students

Why is it an organization and not an association?

* The original parent group that formed the CPTO in 2001 decided that focus of the Middle School's parent organization would not be about fund-raising, but about becoming more involved in the school.

What does CPTO really do? Here's a few highlights:

* Started a respect program for the students called "REAL." Ask your student if he/she has received a REAL ticket.
* Formed a communication committee to help with the monthly newsletter and the web site.
* Chaperone dances
* Provide office help on a weekly basis
* Keep the reader board up-to-date
* Provide class assistance for the Jr. CAST advisors
* Run the school talent show
* Organize and promote the 8th grade Getaway.

Volunteering at KMS

There are LOTS of ways to volunteer your time at KMS!

If you would like to help us, you can contact the KMS office.

Possibilities include:

Gold Pride: The respect program at KMS. Volunteers are needed in September and October to obtain donations for the rewards given each week to students.

Office Help: Volunteers are needed to help make copies one or more days a week.

Talent Show: Volunteers are needed to help screen the talent show participants, and set up for the talent show in January.

Teacher Appreciation: Volunteers are needed to help with a luncheon and handouts for the

teachers during one week in May

8th Grade Get-A-Away: Volunteers are needed to help with the 8th grade get-a-away. This

will require planning throughout the year with the get-a-way

during the last week of school.

Hall Monitors: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesdays from 7:30-8 a.m. Volunteers needed

to monitor halls while teachers are in staff meetings. You are not obligated

to help every time.