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Kuna School District Communication Expectations 


In February 2024, our Board of Trustees approved expectations for communications developed by a committee of parents, teachers, and administrators. Here’s what our parents can expect:

Parents/guardians of students enrolled in the Kuna School District can expect the following in regular school home communications: 


Our communication will come through district-adopted communication tools only. (Parent Square, email, phone)


We will provide weekly student learning updates:

  • Secondary: Schoology grades sync no later than Friday.
  • Elementary: What students are learning.

Direct communication from the teacher when a student is not making adequate progress in learning:

  • Secondary/ Traditional grade scale - D or lower
  • Elementary/ Standards -based grade scale - consistently below standards

Communication to parents when a student has a disciplinary contact with the office (administration, counselor, social worker).


Communication responses to parents will be done within two (2) school days. 


Email communication will include a student name (except in mass emails) and a signature line that identifies the staff member and class/grade/role.


School updates (i.e., newsletters, group emails, etc.) will be sent at least twice a month.


District updates will be sent weekly. 



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