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Teaming is a research-based teaching and learning strategy which matches groups of students with the same core teachers.

What is teaming?

An Interdisciplinary Teaching Team is a group of core teachers (English, math, science, and history) that work together with the same group of students. Teachers work together to eliminate the impersonal, random scheduling of the junior high school. The idea is to create small communities of learning within the school.

How will teaming benefit students?

• Teachers working in teams can design instruction and activities which relate across subject areas and are more meaningful to students.
• Students workloads can be coordinated to make sure major tests, projects, and homework are spread out evenly across subjects.
• Discipline and other related problems tend to decrease because teachers can work together to identify strategies for students who need increased structure or consistency.
• Academic performance tends to increase because instruction is coordinated and ties together.

How will teaming benefit parents?

• Team conference periods offer parents a time to meet with the student's teachers as a scheduled part of the school day.
• Progress reports are more easily requested and completed.
• One call to the school can get you a complete picture of your child's progress.
• Teaming is designed to promote connectedness between teachers, students, and parents.
• Teams can communicate more efficiently and thoroughly with parents about upcoming projects, tests, and classroom activities.