Kuna Middle School
1360 West Boise Street, Kuna, ID 83634

Parent Information - CPTO


What is the CPTO? Community Parent & Teacher Organization

When do they meet? After school in the KMS library approximately every other month.

Who can I contact to get involved? Paul Souza

What is the focus of the CPTO?

* To help with communication between the school and parents
* To support a respectful school environment
* To promote the talents and success of KMS students

Why is it an organization and not an association?

* The original parent group that formed the CPTO in 2001 decided that focus of the Middle School's parent organization would not be about fund-raising, but about becoming more involved in the school.

What does CPTO really do? Here's a few highlights:

* Started a respect program for the students called "REAL." Ask your student if he/she has received a REAL ticket.
* Formed a communication committee to help with the monthly newsletter and the web site.
* Chaperone dances
* Provide office help on a weekly basis
* Keep the reader board up-to-date
* Provide class assistance for the Jr. CAST advisors
* Run the school talent show
* Organize and promote the 8th grade Getaway.