Kuna Middle School
1360 West Boise Street, Kuna, ID 83634



Homeroom Program

Kuna Middle School

Goals of KMS Homeroom Program:

• Strong relationships with adults - Every student will have an adult in our building who knows them very well – and advocates for them. This adult is the single most important person in the building for that student.
• Sense of community - Every student will have a group in which they feel safe and accepted. This is an effort to make our large school feel smaller. Student focus is on creating and belonging to a community, taking care of others, and contributing to something bigger than themselves.
• Character building – Every student will have a chance to grow socially, physically, emotionally and become a well-rounded individual. Students will discuss, investigate and practice positive character traits that include respect, integrity and kindness.
• Academic support – Every student will learn and grow academically. Students will set personal academic goals and strive to meet and exceed those goals. Staff will push, encourage, and follow through with every student to encourage academic growth in a supportive atmosphere.



• Every homeroom teacher will create a positive connection with their students and the student's parents & family.
• The homeroom teacher will become the expert on each student (i.e. testing and academic scores, personal struggles, family issues, special recognition, IEP, 504).
• Everyone assigned a homeroom will participate. Staff who do not have an assigned homeroom will support the program as much as possible.
• Teams will plan homeroom timelines together, following a focus area each month - with the ability to be flexible and creative as a group or individually.
• Teams will lead activities which are student-centered and designed to meet the goals of the program
• KMS staff will work to support the program, work hard to make it successful, share ideas with others, and suggest ideas for improvement.



• Admin: expectations, accountability, support, resources & participation
• Committee & committee chair: ideas, resources, information, calendar and whole-school activity coordination
• Staff: support, effort, follow-through and high expectations



• Get-to-know each other activities
• Contact parents with positive news
• One-on-one check-ins with all kids
• Big brother / Big sister (cross grades)



• Service projects
• School improvement projects
• Team up with another grade level activities
• Revive the Wonder activities
• Class meetings
• School safety & security ideas and projects



• Sportsmanship through tournaments and challenges
• Word of the week (agenda) discussions
• HR binder activities (7th & 8th)
• Revive the Wonder activities


Academic support:

• Check agendas
• Personally deliver a student to tutorial
• Individual goal setting
• Individual ISAT conferencing with students and goal check-ups
• Agenda CD resources & website resources
• Progress report and quarter grade checks
• Cross-grade level tutoring