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Characteristics of a Healthy Middle School


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"The focus on teaching and learning should drive changes in organization, governance, teacher preparation and professional development, culture and environment, and connections to parents and community." (p. 25)

• Rigorous Curriculum - Teach a curriculum grounded in rigorous, public academic standards for what students should know and be able to do, relevant to the concerns of adolescents and based on how students learn best.
o Curriculum that is challenging, integrative, and exploratory
o Assessment and evaluation that promote learning
o High expectations for all

• Engaging Instruction - Use instructional methods designed to prepare all students to achieve higher standards and become life-long learners
o Varied teaching and learning approaches
o Flexible organizational structures
o Interdisciplinary teaming

• Knowledgeable Staff - Staff middle grades schools with teachers who are experts at teaching young adolescents, and engage teachers in ongoing, targeted professional development opportunities.
o Educators committed to young adolescents
o Continuous staff training in adolescent development

• Shared Community - Organize relationships for learning to create a climate of intellectual development and a caring community of shared educational purpose.
o A shared vision
o A positive school climate
o An adult advocate for every student

• Team Participation - Govern democratically, through direct or representative participation by all school staff members, the adults who know students best.
o All teachers represented through teams
o Building decisions made through advisory team

• Positive Environment - Provide a safe and healthy school environment as part of improving academic performance and developing caring and ethical citizens.
o Programs and policies that foster health, wellness, and safety
o Comprehensive guidance and support services

• Involved Stakeholders - Improve parents and communities in supporting student learning and healthy development.
o Family and community partnerships
o Open communication between school and stakeholders
o Active collection of stakeholder feedback