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Principal -Deb McGrath

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KMS 1:1 Learning Project

The transformation taking place at Kuna Middle School during the 1:1 project is monumental. Like all aspects of a students' education, parent and community support and involvement is crucial in making it a success.Read more...


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From the Principal

“Every Person Learning and Growing Everyday.”  This is a nice motto for KMS, but what does it really mean?


First, it means that LEARNING and GROWING are the reasons we exist. We hold ourselves responsible for creating an environment where this is not only possible, but expected; an environment that is not only engaging but supportive for all to stretch and push themselves with the the safety to make mistakes along the the way.


Middle school students grow constantly in many ways.  Physically, middle school students experience increases in weight, height, heart size, lung capacity and muscular strength, but development can vary greatly from student to student.  Emotionally, middle school students are often thought of as unpredictable, fraught with fears, worries, and anxiety, easily embarrassed, and having feelings of awkwardness.  Socially, adolescents continue this struggle often acting out in aggressive and argumentative behavior, challenging authority while remaining fiercely loyal to the values of those within their peer group. Helping students develop a positive self-esteem and learning their role in the world is therefore a key responsibility.  Embracing the passion and energy of young adolescents is both the challenge and the joy of working with these students.


Next, it really means EVERY PERSON: Our students, our staff, our parents, our administrators, and our community working together. Being an excellent school means much more than just our students learning; we must all see ourselves as life-long learners if we are to continually grow.  As Yeats says: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”


Finally, it means EVERYDAY. Every day must be challenging, stimulating and full of opportunities to learn, to reflect, and to grow.   It’s up to us to make sure that every single day at KMS is worthy of the time and energy we all put in. This is what a life-long learner really is.


Join us in our mission. Share your ideas, your dreams, your expectations and your feedback with us. We want to work side by side with you.


Deb McGrath